St. Francis School News – April 20, 2018

Being Proactive:

Parents, when a child in our school contracts head lice, we immediately notify both classes of this information so that parents might be proactive and check their child to prevent the lice from spreading in our school.  I do not send a letter to the entire school. The classrooms are cleaned and treated, as well as the daycare and library rooms.  I would encourage you to periodically check your child to always be on the proactive side. We are in the process of putting together information about suggested ways to eliminate lice from the home, car, and book bag.  It is not an easy task and may take some time and effort to completely rid the family of the infection. Once this information is compiled, you may pick up a copy as needed in the office. We are more than happy to assist you in this effort.

Thank you,

Lori Shepard

Reminder: With the nicer weather we will be going outside more for recess. Dress accordingly.

Olympic Day Prize Donations: each participant (from all four schools) will receive a prize and we are asking for prize donations consisting of the following: candy (no chocolate), small packs of chips, water bottles, Gatorade, small toys, snacks of any kind. The Olympic Day committee thanks you for your help.

Class Rosters for 2018-2019

As a reminder, we do not take teacher requests for your child.  We have a systematic objective process that will balance the gender and skill set of the children in the class.  Teachers do have input to resolve any potential conflicts, and I value their expertise in this area.

Thank you for your support in advance,

Lori Shepard

School Play:  Tied to the Tracks will leave you in knots of laughter!  Come and watch Sheriff Billy Bold and Dakota Melody resist the evil Professor Silas Scavenger and Wild Prairie Rose as our heroine is bound to the tracks and helplessly watches a locomotive race toward her! Friday and Saturday, April 27th and 28th at 7:00 p.m. in St. Francis School gym.  Free Will donations welcomed.

Service Hours:  All service hours must be completed by May 1st.  Please stop by the office or check RenWeb to make sure how many hours are completed.  A $10.00 per hour will be charged if not completed and report cards/ records will be held until paid in full or fulfilled. In other words, your child will not get their report card at the school picnic unless all fees are paid in full / positive balance.  Let the office know if you have completed hours that go beyond playground duty. Thank you for your cooperation!

FIRST COMMUNION: Practice will be held on Tuesday, April 24th at 6:00 p.m. in the church.

QND Friday Night Lights Football Camp: Friday, April 20th  from 5:00 to 11:45 p.m for current 3-8th grades for a cost of $40.00 per player.  For more information contact Coach Cornell at [email protected].

Quincy Parochial Youth Football League: Sunday, April 22nd at 6:00 p.m. at QND.  Registration until May 15th and a cost of $175.00 per player and practices will begin July31st. Contact Russ Hinkamper at 242-4445 for more information or Jim Bergman at 440- 4082.

The St. Francis Home & School Association: Teacher Appreciation Week Committee will be collecting money from any families willing to donate to purchase gift certificates to the Gene Grawe Fund for the St. Francis Teachers & Staff for Teacher Appreciation/”End of the Year” gifts this year!  If you would like to contribute, please send cash or check (of any denomination you prefer) to the school office no later than Monday, April 30 in an envelope marked HSA – Teacher Gifts.  Checks may be made payable to St. Francis Home & School Association.  The total amount of donations collected will be divided equally between the 34 teachers/staff and presented to them in the form of a Gene Grawe Fund Gift Certificate at the Teacher & Staff Appreciation Luncheon on Monday, May 7 hosted by Home & School Teacher Appreciation Week Committee.

For those of you that are also donating gift cards & raffle items for this event as well, thank you!  Any one is welcome to donate a raffle item to be raffled off to our teachers & staff after the luncheon.

Thank you for participating in this special gift to those who do so much for our children!

SCHOOL PICNIC: Students must have a permission slip to attend and MUST have a parent/chaperone for the event. All service hours must be completed or fulfilled and all outstanding fees MUST be paid in full or at a positive balance before a student will receive report cards or have records transferred.  Thank you for your cooperation. This is a day of required attendance.

Dates To Remember

April 24th: First Communion practice 6:00 p.m.

April 27th & 28th : School Play at 7:00 p.m. in the gym

April 29th: 1st Communion at 2:00 p.m.

May 8th: Olympic Day (Rain out date May 10th)

May 11th: 8th Grade class trip

May 15th: Confirmation 7:00 p.m.

May 18th: Graduation 7:00 p.m.

May 30th: School Picnic at Upper Moorman Park


**School Dinner will be 4/21 after 4:30 mass. Roast Beef, potato, vegetable, roll for $7.00. **