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Quincy Catholic Elementary Schools(QCES) – video on Facebook

Blessed Sacrament

St. Peter

St. Dominic

Quincy Notre Dame High School

Springfield Diocese

Catholic Youth Organization

Gene Grawe Retailer List

(Great Lakes Scrip Center) & Gene Grawe Local Merchants: Bergman Nurseries, County Market, Designers Edge, Farm & Home Supply, HyVee, Kohl Cash & Carry, Krieger’s, McDonald’s, Red Roof Car Wash, Sprouts, TCBY, Wilco/Cennex

COOL SMARTBOARD WEBSITES:   math manipulative    math manipulative   math   science  many subjects   math & science    math lesson k-5   science videos   all subject areas  math & science videos and poems  K – SMART Board lessons  math & science  all subjects interesting ideas for classroom – must create account



USA Geography – map games

Faith First for Families section on the RCL Faith First web site

Blest Are We

Library of Congress

Nimble Fingers

Mr. Young’s Bouncy A

Fun Brain

Education World

Neuroscience for Kids

Awesome Library

Science Learning Network

Space and NASA

West Central 4 Teachers Bookmarks

US Department of Education

Yahooligans for kids

The Children’s Literature Web Guide

Spelling City

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary

National Spelling Bee

Discovery Channel

Stanford SOLAR Center

NASA Shuttle Page

Flashcards For Kids

How Far is Far?

Scholastic, Inc.

Quincy Public Library

Catholic Information on the Net

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Resource page for Christian Teachers

The Bible Gateway in Seven languages

Children’s Book Council

Early Childhood Resources

National Geographic

Social Studies plans

Fun School

Mr. Dowling Virtual World