Music / Junior High – Ms. Walker

MAKE THIS AN AWESOME YEAR!! Get a good start by making sure you list all homework and due dates in your assignment pad or planner.

******* May 16-20, 2016 *******

******* Religion 6W *******

Monday – Share with the class the 5 adjectives for each that describe what it tells you about God, then continue pp. 98-99 if time.

Tuesday – Mrs. Gongaware to keep her students.  Computer class 

Wednesday –  A Man of Prayer: St. Juan Diego pp. 100-101. /read, discuss and complete the activities on p.101 in your notes.

Thursday –  Father Don

Friday – 6.7.8. Prayer Service Father Don. Finish Chapter 6 if time.

******* Religion 7Z&G *******

Monday – Read and discuss pp.74-75, include pp. 373-374. Assign the Activity to be completed in their notes.

Tuesday – Finish reading and discussing pp.373-374 then complete activity p75.

Wednesday –  Read and discuss “Love One Another,” pp.76-77 then complete the activity on p.77 in their notes. Discuss the answers when all complete it.

Thursday – Read and discuss pp. 78-79, Pope John Paul II. Watch video + complete Activity 1-3 in their notebooks.

Friday – Go over the answers they wrote in their notes yesterday. Discuss other possibilities they can think of. Finish with the prayer on p.80.

******* Reading 7&8 *******

Monday – Reading the “Ordeal in the Owyhee Country” pp. 338-351 using the guided reading questions as needed.  

Tuesday – Have students complete the Focus Questions orally.

Wednesday – Give students a free reading period.

Thursday – Study for other subjects tests.

Friday –   Study Hall or reading silently.


******* Computer 7Z & 7G/Work Period *******

Monday – Miss G.’s class.

Tuesday – Lessons 11 & 12 as needed. Others may work on Bouncing Ball Project.

Wednesday – Miss G.’s class. 

Thursday – Typing practice Miss G.’s Project. See Tuesday’s notes. If completed play typing games.

Friday – Miss G.’s class.