Fifth Grade – Mrs. Mitchell

We had a great first week.  Hopefully the kids are getting used to 5th grade and our expectations.  I’ve been reminding them about putting their first and last names on their papers, being sure to take everything with them when they go across the hall for science, and the importance of turning in their homework on time.  I’m happy to report that almost all of the kids had every homework assignment in on time!  They are also great about getting their quizzes signed and returned.

I hope to see most of you Tuesday night at our parent meeting.  We will meet in my room at 7:00.  I will give all of you your children’s schedule and a copy of our discipline program, which will not only help keep order in the room, but help notify you if your child is not getting their assignments in on time.


We will begin library on Sept. 8th and our masses will start on Wednesdays beginning Sept. 9th.

Iowa Testing will take place the week of Sept. 14th, so it is very important that your child be there if at all possible.  If you can work in doctor appts. after school that week, it would be much appreciated.  Our kids have to do both the regular testing and the cognitive testing, so it will probably last all week.  We will work around PE, music, art, etc. so that they get a break.

We are doing snacks in the afternoon since we have such an early lunch hour.   During testing week, they can bring both a morning and afternoon snack.

Please feel free to contact me at any time on the REMIND app.  I don’t mind even in the evenings if you are having a problem with an assignment, have a question, etc.  I will get back to you, unless I am otherwise occupied with family.  I also check it between classes at school in case you need something specific.

GRANDPARENTS DAY has been scheduled for Friday, Sept. 11th in the morning beginning with mass.


TUESDAY:  Bible test on information up through Joseph.  All the information that the kids need to know is on the study sheets that I have given them, which they should have in their religion folder.  The first test is all short answer.

THURSDAY:  Map skills test.  The test will consist of matching vocabulary words with definitions that the kids have written in their notebooks.  The second part will be writing in information on a global map….. continents, oceans, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, the Arctic and Antarctic Circles, Equator, the directions, and locating the USA.  They were given a blank map on Friday and we filled it in together.  That is the same paper they will be given for the test.

FRIDAY:  Spelling unit 3.


Classes overview and assignments for the week:

RELIGION –  We will take our first test on Tuesday, and then begin the story of Moses and the Exodus. Throughout the Bible study the kids will be given coloring sheets with key words for each book…..Ex.  Genesis – beginnings; Exodus – exit. They will be writing these in their notebooks and this will be included in the periodic tests.  I will collect them and grade them a couple of times throughout the unit.  They will keep them in their religion folder.  On Friday we will do an art project about the plagues of Moses.

ENGLISH – We will begin Shurley English.  The textbook will be presented on the smartboard. It is available online for parents. I just have to figure out how to get the link to you.  I already put in all the email addresses, saved them, and poof….they were nowhere to be found.  Anyway, the lesson will be presented and there will be worksheets to go with the lessons.  I will run off study sheets to go with some of the lessons, which they should keep in an English folder to prepare for tests.

Monday we will take our pretest.  This week’s lessons will cover writing, blogging, synonyms and antonyms, and analogies.  They will have a writing activity on Tuesday, which we will do in class, begin some vocaulary for their notebooks, and make a chart on Thursday. Most of this will be done in class to be taken home if they don’t get finished.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will finish the chapter and definitions, have some fun with “old fashioned maps” like we used to use before GPS was invented, take our test on Thursday, and start a new chapter on Friday.

READING The kids are really enjoying Holes.  We will begin the next section, starting with chapter 17 on Monday.We will work on their vocabulary for section 3 during the week and take quiz 3 on  Wednesday.  We will do an worksheet about Texas near the end of the week.

MATH – We are working on place value and writing numbers in different ways…..standard, expanded notation, in words, etc.  We will do a worksheet in class on Monday and start some Algebra concepts on Tuesday. (Yes, algebra already….can you believe it?)   We will write the definitions of the 4 properties in our notebooks with examples, which they will have to know for the test. The kids enjoy using our small individual whiteboards for immediate feedback on problems. We will have an assignment on Thursday and a practice test on Friday, covering our concepts so far this year. I will review with them on Thursday to prepare.

SPELLING – We will work on unit 3.  Our usual format is take the pretest on Monday and review the concepts.  Work on the book T and W in class, correct books together on Thursday, take the test and turn in spelling unit on Friday for a grade.

That’s it!  Have a great weekend.  Feel free to email me as well as use the REMIND app at [email protected]