Third Grade – Mrs. Failor

Mrs. Failor’s 3rd Grade

Week of September 26-30, 2016

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 Special Events:

Sept 26- City wide mass @ QND (wear Alex’s Wish shirt)

October 6-7- No School- Quincy Conference


Reading:  fluency

Math:  pages 91-92, fact homework

Spelling:unit 4


Reading: fluency

Math:  pages 97-98, fact homework

Spelling:unit 4


Reading: fluency

Math: pages 103-104, fact homework

Spelling: unit 4 


Reading:  fluency

Math: pages 111-112, fact homework

Spelling: unit 4

Religion Test


Fact Test

Spelling Test

English Test

Websites – reviews for Religion

Enchanted Learning: Astronomy

Kids Astronomy NASA: The Solar System

The 8 Planets Just for Kids National Geographic: Solar System– math facts– spelling words – math games – tumble books and literacy activities

National Monuments webpage

Long Divison Practice

multiplication game