Second Grade – Mrs. Dawson

Reading:  We have been working on inital and final consonant sounds.  This week we will work on medial consonants and the short a sound.

English:  We are begining our Daily Language Review papers this week.  We are concentrating on beginning and ending sentences and whether a group of words is a sentence or not.

Spelling: We began Unit 1 today.  The list should be in their homework folder. They are to study 12 words 4 challenge words and be able to write the sentences. We will have a dictation test on Friday as well as a List test.  This will be 2 seperate grades.

Book It:  Will begin in October!

Author of the Week: Last week was Mike Thaler author of the Black Lagoon series. This week is Marc Brown author of the Arthur series.

Religion:  We are beginning chapter 1.  Study sheet will come home on Thursday and test is Friday.

Science:  Waiting for our new series of books to arrive.

Social Studies:  Manners!

Music:  Singing is praying twice!