First Grade – Miss Poore

 Week of May 16th  – May 20th, 2016:

~One Week Left!~



Sight Words or Math Facts

Read fluency folder

Practice the “Our Father” prayer



Sight Words or Math Facts

Read a book from home

Practice tying your shoes



Dismissal at 2:30

Sight Words or Math Facts

Read your fluency folder

Practice the “Glory Be” prayer



Sight Words or Math Facts

Complete your optional math review packet for the Chapter 12 Test tomorrow



No Phonics Test 

Enjoy your Weekend!


***Be sure to put your child’s sight words back in their book bag each evening, so they can be accessed during the school day when needed. ***

For additional assistance and maybe a little fun for studying your phonics and sight words, I have made them available on:

Select “Find A List” and search for “Jamie Poore” using the Teacher’s Name option.

 The site is free to use, but I think if you become a member (also free) it may be easier to navigate.


I will do my best to keep you as informed as possible about your child’s education and daily excursions in their classroom world. If at anytime, however, you would like to contact me, do NOT hesitate to do so; even now, as school is preparing to begin.

You can email me at: [email protected]

Call me at 217-222-4077 (St. Francis School) — 217-440-9226 (My Cellphone)

Or in person before and after school or by appointment