Junior High – Miss G

Miss G.’s classes


FOR  THE  WEEK  OF   May 19 – 23, 2014

          All students should bring a Student Planner to record their assignments and directions for their classes.  The students must write all assignment information and due dates for each subject.

         The seventh graders received voc. papers in August.  The students should study a unit or units for approximately fifteen minutes a night.  A broader voc. helps students read, write, and spell better!   Also, the students will be assigned a new voc. unit every week. On Thursday, the students need to know the voc.  words for Unit 23.  On Friday, the students need to know the voc. review words for Unit 24.   In spelling, the students will have a review test on  Friday.  Also, in English, the class is reviewing capitalization and punctuation rules, and the students will have occasional assignments to be completed in class. Furthermore, the students will continue a Homonym Study (cite-site-sight, etc.)  this week. 

The eighth graders will have a spelling test on Thursday. In English, the class is currently reviewing skills, such as correcting run-ons, knowing there-their-they’re, etc.  Also, the class is studying more Homonym Combinations.   At times, the students will review some basic skills, such as its-it’s, your-you’re, etc.  Then, they’ll complete some worksheets on those review skills during class. In religion, the class is continuing its Confirmation study.

In reading, the students will  read some plays and take some voc. review tests.

         In sixth-grade English, the class is reviewing capitalization, stopping between sentences, and punctuation rules.  Next, the class is studying  a Pronoun Unit with the emphasis on correct usage!   During class, the students need to listen well and bring their work to class.  They should study their notes about fifteen minutes a night. On Tuesday, the class will have a Pronoun Test.  On Thursday, the class will have a test on Voc. Unit  6.  Occasionally, the students will complete an assignment during class.  At times, the students may use their notes for an in-class assignment.  Also, the class is continuing a VOCABULARY IMPROVEMENT STUDY.  Unit Six is being studied.  The students need to apply the new voc. words to sentences with context clues.  The students should study the unit words every night.