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Parish Center Questions & Answers

Q: Why can’t we build the Parish Center on the NW corner of 17th and College?

A: The committee feels the best place to build a Parish Center is to attach it to the church. Church handicapped accessibility is an issue. Building the Center across the street would not solve this problem. Attaching it to the church allows access under a canopy during bad weather. The distance to walk from the drop off into church will be longer, but safer. Wheelchairs will be available by the doors. Also, people tend to gather more for socializing, which builds community. In addition, brides do not have to walk outside in the elements before walking down the aisle.

Q: Why can’t we put a parking lot on the NW corner of 17th and College?

A: Maybe down the road this will be possible. At this time the school children use this lot for recess and physical education classes.

Q: Why is it important to make a pledge?

A: The Parish Center Committee needs information to determine what we can afford to build. Your pledge is a part of that information.

Q: Can we make a donation instead of a pledge?

A: Certainly! Many individuals prefer to make a one-time payment instead of pledging over a 3 year period.

Q: Why is our goal set at $2.975M when the feasibility study indicates we could raise $1.6 M to $1.9M?

A: Cargill’s feasibility study indicates $1.6M to $1.9M is a “reasonable expectancy” for the project. The campaign could yield more or less than the reasonable expectancy, this is a conservative projection based on the combined responses. The Oversight and Building Committee determined that to do the project right we must take into consideration the current and the future needs of this parish.

Q: Are the current plans for either the “wish list” or the “basic needs” drawing of the Parish Center set in stone?

A: Absolutely not! This drawing makes up the wishes of the organizations within the parish (based on a survey sent to all organizations early this year). The “basic needs” drawing is what the committee members feel we must have to meet our current needs, along with the ability to add on as we can afford to do so. The committee is listening to the comments of parishioners. Mostly that we need a parking lot and a “hip” roof, not a flat roof. The committee agrees. We have to look at the final pledges/donations received and then determine what we can afford.

Q: Why do we need to make all these changes?

A: Times have changed. In the last 50 years ministries have grown because of the active participation of lay people. There are many reasons to build a Parish Center. Here is a question to ask yourself.

Are you personally involved in an actvity at school or church? If so, then you probably see the need for more room. If not, consider joining an organizaon to see what is happening in our Parish.

No one wants to wait until an incident happens before we take action to secure our school. Look around at other local schools and you will see the need to secure ours.

No one wants the handicapped and others to have accidents on our walks or driveways before any action is taken to protect people in inclement weather.

We don’t want change just for change sake. We NEED change when it makes a difference for the better. Let’s be proactive, pray and work together for the bet- terment of our Parish.

If this is God’s Will, it will be done.