Weekly School News – October 25, 2012

BIRTHDAY BOOK CLUB NEWS! The 2012-13 Birthday Book Club is off to a great start! We’ve already had 18 students become members this year! The Birthday Book Club is a chance to celebrate your child’s birthday and also contribute to the school library’s collection. After sending in your enrollment form with $15, our librarian will help your child select a book that matches their interests and … [Read more...]

Building Together In Faith Video Presentation

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Building Together In Faith – Prayer Vigil – November 15th & 16th

Have you been praying about your monetary gift for the Parish Center yet? Is the Holy Spirit guiding you on this spiritual journey? This journey invites you to pray about your gift, trust God with your gift and to make your gift a financial sacrifice. We invite you to go on this journey with us!!! There will be a Prayer Vigil held on Thursday, November 15, from 4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. and Friday, … [Read more...]

Building Together in Faith – Parish Gathering Dinners

By now everyone should have received an invitation to the Parish Gathering Dinners. Everyone in the parish is invited to a DINNER/presentation regarding the Parish Center on either Sunday, November 4 at 12.00 noon or Saturday, November 10 at 5:30 p.m. Please R.S.V.P. on or before Monday, October 29 using your reply card if possible, to Diane Andrew at the St. Francis church office. Please continue … [Read more...]

Weekly Mass Readings – October 21 through October 27

October 21 Is 53:10-11 Ps 33:4-5,18-20,22 Heb 4:14-16 Mk 10:35-45 October 22 Eph 2:1-10 Ps 100:1-5 Lk 12:13-21 October 23 Eph 2:12-22 Ps 85:9-14 Lk 12:35-38 October 24 Eph 3:2-12 (Ps) Is 12:2-6 Lk 12:39-48 October 25 Eph 3:14-21 Ps 33:1-2,4-5,11- 12,18-19 Lk 12:49-53 October 26 Eph 4:1-6 Ps 24:1-6 Lk 12:54-59 October 27 Eph 4:7-16 Ps 122:1-5 Lk 13:1-9 … [Read more...]