Diocesan Synod Update

In order to keep you informed of the ongoing process of the Fourth Synod of the Diocese of Springfield, we believe it is important to keep you updated on the recent meetings. There have been only three prior synods conducted since the inception of the Springfield Diocese.

On Saturday, September 9, 2017 at Little Flower Church in Springfield, Illinois, synod representatives as well as priests, nuns, and a variety of other religious leaders met to review and discuss concepts and beliefs centered on discipleship and stewardship as a way of life for all Catholics in the Springfield Diocese. Much discussion occurred in small groups after Bishop Paprocki spoke about our role as Catholics and disciples of Jesus Christ. Another listening session seeking parish input was held on Sunday, September 24, 2017 in our Parish Center. Anyone within our Quincy deanery was invited to attend this meeting. A video conference was conducted throughout our diocese seeking both small and large group discussion and input. Bishop Paprocki initially introduced the video conference process and then listened and responded to those attending the session in the seven different deaneries of the diocese.

The next steps in the Fourth Synod process will include voting on the specific decrees focusing on a discipleship/stewardship journey for our diocese and individual parishes to promote our Catholic faith.

If you would like additional and/or specific information, please go online to dio.org. If you do not have access to online services or want to speak personally regarding questions or concerns, please contact one of the following individuals listed below. We ask for your prayers as all of us journey on our way of being disciples of Jesus Christ.

Thank you,

Father Don; Jan Zeidler, Fourth Synod representative from St. Francis Solanus; cell – 217-779-0290; Linda K. Rull, Diocesan Pastoral Council Representative; cell – 651-269-8182